Integrate WebhookBeam with Mailchimp

1. First, create your webhook URL in our WebhookBeam app, and then copy it (check Create your first webhook URL).

2. Navigate to ( and click ‘Add a Webhook’

Image 1

3. Choose the events you want to listen for in the “Trigger on Events” section (e.g., when an email is sent, bounces, is opened, is marked as spam, is clicked).

Image 2

4. Enter the webhook URL (that you created in step 1) where you want Mailchimp to send the webhook. Then click ‘Create Webhook’.

Image 3

5. After saving, the webhook will appear in the list of webhooks.

Image 4

6. To test the webhook click ‘send test’.

Image 5

7. You will receive a push notification on our WebhookBeam app.

Image 6