Create your first webhook URL

1. After creating and verifying your account, log in with this account, and the first webhook URL to your app:

  1. Set Service name.
  2. Set the webhook name.
  3. Set the webhook URL: here, you only need to specify the latest component path of the webhook URL.
Image 3

2. Setup Webhook request (Optional)

(If you want to track a specific key for the webhook use this field)

  1. Set the expected request that will be sent with this webhook URL.
  2. After clicking on 'Generate Keys' you will see a list of expected request keys.
  3. Select the key you want to track when sending the push notification.
Image 4

3. You can customize the title and description of the push notification, which will be sent.

Image 5

Click ‘Test’ to see the push notification sample

Image 5

4. Click 'Save' to create your webhook URL.

Image 6

5. Copy the webhook URL to use it in services like Stripe, PayPal, LemonSqueezy, RevenueCat, etc…

Image 6